Types of weaving chains made of gold

Currently, jewelers use the most diverse types of weaving chains of gold, and many of these options have been known for thousands of years. It has long been in the creation of the form of links and the type of weaving the master put a certain meaning into their work. The creation of such a jewelry as a chain has always been a very painstaking occupation, since gold is first required to pull into a thin thread, which is then cut into pieces and twisted into links. After all these preparatory work was completed, the links were held together manually, as a result of which really unique jewelry was obtained. To date, the work of jewelers has become much easier, since special machines have appeared for the manufacture of links. Ton gold chains are most often used in order to hang pendants and pendants on them. However, the chains of gold to the neck or as a bracelet may well serve as an independent decoration, for which no additions are required. Such jewelry will be to the face of both women and men, so they can easily be considered a universal gift. As a rule, chains intended for men and women, differ not only in diameter, but also by the type of weaving. However, there are universal types of weaving, which are suitable for representatives of both sexes. For female chains of gold, such types of weaving are usually used: “Nona”, “Cardinal”, “Rose”, “Broke”, “Rope”, “Love”, “Spit” . At the same time, the weaving of Nona is most widespread, which is simultaneously with femininity, sophistication and high strength. One of the most expensive and complex weaves is a “rose”, a large amount of gold goes to the manufacture of such a chain. Muzhsky chains of gold differ from female emphasized severity and high strength. Traditional purely male types of chain weaving are “shell” and “figo.” From universal types of weaving, the so -called “unisex” (that is, suitable for both female and men's jewelry), it is worth noting the following: “anchor chain”, “ Rhombus ”,“ Turtle ”,“ Singapore ”,“ Kolos ”,“ Snail ”,“ Abine ”,“ Snake, Bird Eye ”,“ Perlin ”. One of the most common weaving options is the “anchor chain”. Such chains are most often used as decorations on the neck. Mən kiçik bazarlarda mərc etməyi xoşlayıram və bu səbəbdən yalnız təklif olunan bir xəttə mərc edirəm 1wın axı burada məşhur çempionatlarla yanaşı, heç eşitmədiyim ölkələrin turnirləri də meydana çıxır ki, bu da mənim dünyagörüşümü və yaxşı pul qazanmaq imkanımı artırır.