Mission, Vision, and Values

When you support the Redford Theatre, you tell the community that:

  • You enthusiastically support the Mission of the Motor City Theatre Organ Society (which owns the Redford), through your visits and donations.
  • You share the MCTOS’s Vision for the future.
  • Your values are in alignment with the Values of the MCTOS.

We know that you are a fan of the Redford Theatre and we hope that you also become an “evangelist for the cause.” Go out and spread the news of the good work and good times that you enjoy at the theatre with this information in hand:

Redford Theatre Mission Statement
Our reason for existing

The Motor City Theatre Organ Society is dedicated to the preservation, use, understanding, and enjoyment of the theatre pipe organ, and the promotion and presentation of classic films and arts.

Redford Theatre Vision Statement
How we will accomplish our mission

We aim to:

  • Provide quality, diverse opportunities for shared artistic experiences for all.
  • Enable participation in the creation, understanding, and appreciation of the arts in our historically preserved theatre.
  • Sustain an environmentally responsible framework, which serves as an anchor and catalyst for neighborhood development.

Redford Theatre Values
Boundaries that we will observe and live by as an organization

  • Historic Preservation
  • Education
  • Integrity
  • Volunteerism
  • Diversity
  • Artistic Appreciation
  • Sustainability