Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.       Dory ~ Finding Nemo

Dear Redford Theatre Patron:

In life, sometimes we feel like our fish tank is overflowing. Other times it feels as though the water is gone and we’re just flopping around eager to be tossed back into the water. Over the past year, we have felt like the latter, like we were fish out of water, amid a crisis that no one had the answers to. Over and over, we had to remind ourselves that we must keep swimming! That sometimes the best things are just ahead of us, and we will never get there if we stop swimming and stop believing.

If you told us a year ago that COVID-19 would rage on through 2021, we might have just given up. How would we possibly survive without any real revenue for two years in a row? With devastating losses in 2020, we couldn’t possibly make it through another year. And then there were glimpses of hope.

In March, we were able to reopen to limited capacity crowds. Our Board of Directors made patron’s safety a priority and instituted new policies and procedures. We realized that our size was an advantage and made social distancing easy. Even with vaccines, we knew crowds would be smaller and volunteers harder to come by – but we kept on swimming.

Summer saw smaller crowds and we thought that maybe you all were comfortable on the couch with access to hundreds of films at the press of a button, but we kept going. We continued our Facebook Watch Parties and saw that folks still craved an interactive film experience. Then fall came and you came back. Slowly at first and we were hopeful.  But then it was October, Halloween, and you just couldn’t stay away!

But we still keep on swimming. What will keep you coming back? Creative programming? New safety policies and procedures? Extra added elements at each event? We haven’t given up yet and now we’re diving in again to try to figure it out.

You have always surprised us. You volunteer, throw bills in the pagoda and tip jars, and buy 50/50 tickets. During this unprecedented time, we need your help now more than ever. Unfortunately, ticket revenue is used to pay for maintenance, utility bills, and insurance and as we know that has been a challenge. For these expenses, we ask for your support.

Today, we invite you to play a vital role in the continued operation of our beautiful, one-of-a-kind movie palace. With your help we plan to be here providing entertainment in this magnificent setting for decades to come.  Please …take a moment …and consider contributing.

Donating is easy. To make an online donation visit:

Checks can be mailed to: Annual Appeal – Redford Theatre  17360 Lahser Rd. Detroit, MI 48219.

Stay safe and we’ll see you reel soon!

Mark Baum

MCTOS President

“First trip was when my daughters were young. Never thought
they’d sit through the entire 4 hour movie (Gone With The
Wind) but neither wanted to leave at intermission. We love
everything about this gem! The pipe organ, beautiful ceiling, the
balcony, the lights and trains at Christmas time, 50/50 raffles,
guest appearances and all of the lovely volunteer workers!”
– Kristen

“I grew up going to the Redford theater with my parents seeing
old black and white movies. I have so many happy memories
there. I have enjoyed watching the theater be restored over the
years and hope it continues for many years to come so more
people can enjoy this gem of a place and create happiness.”
– Carrie

Other Ways to Give

Cash Donation

Send a check for any amount to the Redford Theatre, 17360 Lahser Road, Detroit, MI 48219

Seat Donation

The Redford Theatre is continuing its fund raising through the Sponsor a Seat Program. Funds raised will be used to help pay for the new seats in the theatre and other restoration projects as required. We invite you to sponsor a seat! Consider giving a seat as a gift—a gift that can last a lifetime.
Sponsor a Seat

Charity Motors Donation

The Redford Theatre is now a Charity Motors donation partner organization. If you have a vehicle you are thinking about selling, why not donate it to Charity Motors and the Redford Theatre will be the beneficiary of the proceeds! It’s easy, just call Charity Motors at 888-908-CARS (2277) and tell them you would like your proceeds to go the Redford Theatre. Everyone wins—they’ll arrange to pick your car up and tow it away for free, you receive a tax donation, and the Redford gets a much needed and much appreciated donation. Visit Charity Motors for more information.

Sustaining Donation
With our new Sustaining Donor program, we invite you to play a vital role in the continued operation and improvements to this beautiful, one of a kind movie palace. The Redford is a special theatre that brings history to life, entertaining and educating audiences from all over metro Detroit. Become a Sustaining Donor today and play an active role in carrying on the Redford Theatre traditions!  Sustaining Donor Brochure

Legacy Donation
What is a Legacy Gift?
The Redford Theatre means so much to you. It has been a very important part of your life—you grew up in the neighborhood and came to the Redford, your mother was an usher, or you bring you grandchildren for a taste of what life was like back in the day. Whatever the reason, you feel a strong connection to the Redford Theatre and have every hope that the theatre continues operations for generations to come. Maybe a legacy gift would fit into your estate plan. Click here to find out more…
What is a Legacy Gift