Rent the Theatre to Host Your Event

Attention: There is limited availability for rental reservations for 2023. We are currently accepting reservations for 2024.

Our all volunteer staff is at your service to insure that your event is successful.

For more information, please use the form below.

    Our seating capacity of 1,610 guests including 17 spots that are wheelchair accessible. There are no supporting pillars to impede the view, so sight lines are excellent from any seat in the house. Where else can you find an auditorium with both a main floor and a balcony.

    Stage productions are no problem at the Redford. Our full-size stage is equipped with a state-of-the-art dimmer system to operate a full assortment of stage lighting, large fly space and a 4 story dressing room tower.

    The Redford Theatre is fully equipped for film presentations. From the booth, which is equipped with those marvelous Norelco Todd-AO projectors and Dolby CP-750 Allowing for Digital and Film Decoding sound processor, to the stage with its 40 foot wide projection screen and enough speakers to handle 6 discrete channels of sound, we are ready to provide the ultimate in film exhibition.

    Video presentations show brilliantly on either our regular projection screen or, for extra impact, on our auxiliary high gain silver screen.  Two digital projectors (4,100 Lumen HD and 18,500 Lumen 2K Cinema) are available at an additional rental cost.

    Various areas inside the theatre are ideal for media production. Our experienced volunteer stage staff can assist in completing your production on time.

    An option in any rental is the opportunity to make use of the superbly maintained theatre pipe organ manufactured by the Bartola Music Company in 1927 specifically for installation in the Redford Theatre. Several of our members are accomplished keyboard artists and can provide a variety of musical stylings.

    The lobby areas of the theatre can be used in a variety of ways. The completely restored three story inner lobby adds just the right touch of elegance to any activity.

    Parking is available on the two large free lots on the theatre property.

    Are you looking for a permanent space to rent? From time to time the stores along the front of the building or office space above the theatre becomes available.

    Auditorium Seating Total – 1611
    Main Floor – 888
    Loge – 200
    Balcony – 523
    Auditorium has an atmospheric ceiling with lighted stars and cloud projectors
    Auditorium and lobbies are air conditioned

    Wing Space – Stage Left – 9′
    Wing Space – Stage Right – 19′
    Grid Height – 60′
    Number of Lines Total – 20
    Number of Lines Fixed – 8
    Number of Lines Changeable – 12
    One grand traveller
    One Red midstage traveller
    2 circuit borders – 3 color
    Three circuit footlights – 3 color
    4′ X 8′ platforms – 8
    18′ A-frame ladder
    Maximum Proscenium Height – 23′ Maximum Proscenium Width – 40′
    6 Motorola radios for communication

    Stage Depth – 0′ 0″ to Back Wall – 25′ 6″
    Stage Depth – 0′ 0″ to Main Drape – 2′
    Stage Door Width – 7′ 2″
    Stage Door Height – 10′
    Load-in at ground level

    • Black teasers and tormentors are provided
    • Full grid for occasional rigging
    • A variety of drapes, scrims and drops are available

    Lighting Systems
    ETC Ion Xe20 Lighting Console with 55 – 2.4K Conventional dimmers located at rear of house; 46 dimmers are for stage use, 9 dimmers are dedicated for house lighting
    35- general purpose conventional ellipsoidal fixtures
    8 – conventional 1000W parcans

    24- ETC Color source Par LED Fixtures (19 Across 3 Electrics on Stage, 5 on Balcony Rail)

    6- Blizzard Kryo Mix CMY Moving Head Fixtures (6 Across 3 Electrics on Stage)
    4 Elation fuze Profile moving head fixtures on Balcony rail
    4- Blizzard Hotbox RGBW/RGBV LED Fixtures  (Flex Positions)
    Power for additional lighting – 220V single phase @ 400 amps on Stage right

    Sound Equipment
    One Soundcraft 24 channel mixer (at back of house)
    One Mackie 14 channel mixer with 4 stereo and 6 mono inputs
    4 JBL 715 m 1500Watt powered speakers for house sound
    5 JBL 612M monitor speakers on stage
    1 24 channel snake from stage to rear of house
    7 Shure SM-58 microphones
    5 Audio Technica UHF wireless microphone
    2 Shure wireless microphones
    3 Audio Technica choir microphones
    2 dual cassette players
    1 CD player
    Sound controls are located at rear of house

    Dressing Rooms
    Four Floors Located Stage Left
    5 Rooms 8 ft. X 9 ft. to hold approx. 4 persons
    1 Room 12 ft. X 17 ft. to hold approx. 15 persons 1 Quick Change Room
    Restroom on each floor
    Each room has a mirror and sink
    Interior and Exterior Access to dressing rooms

    ADA Support
    WilliamSound Wireless Hearing Assistance System Operating on channel E
    Wheelchair seating for 17
    Easy access seating for 10 (arm rests swing outward to allow access from the side)
    All main floor areas of the theatre are barrier free
    Restrooms include male and female-only restrooms which require 3 steps down, and a family restroom that is level with the main floor

    Projection Booth

    Nominal Throw from Booth to Stage 115 ft. @ 15 degrees
    16 mm Projection – Bell and Howell w/arc lamp
    35 mm/70 mm Projection – Two Norelco AA-II fitted with Ashcraft Carbon Arc Lamps
    Mitsubishi FD730U 4,100 Lumen HD Digital Projector (Located on Front of Balcony with DVD/Blu-Ray Playback and HDMI In From Sound/Light Booth on Main Floor)
    Barco DP2K-20C 18,500 Lumen Digital Cinema Projector (In Projection Booth)
    Oppo Networked Smart Blu-Ray Player (For use with Barco Cinema Projector Only)
    Optical Apertures – Academy (1.37:1), Wide (1:66:1), Spherical Panavision (1.85:1), 70 mm (2.00:1), Cinemascope (2.35:1)
    Sound Formats – Mono, Analog Dolby, Multichannel Magnetic, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital: True HD, [DTS/DTS-MA (Blu-Ray Only)]
    Dolby CP-750 Digital Audio Processor
    Dolby CP-200 Analog (Film) Audio Processor
    5 Voice of the Theatre speakers onstage plus surround speakers throughout the house
    Slide Projection – Kodak Ekatgraphic
    Picture Sheets – 20 ft. X 40 ft. pearlescent standard screen; 19 ft. X 25 ft. high gain silver screen Limited house light and grand drape control from the projection booth

    168 cars on two lighted lots on the theatre property
    Arrangements can be made for additional parking on lots adjoining the theatre property
    Parking lot supervision can be provided through a third party contractor

    Additional Equipment
    Lectern with reading light
    6 folding tables
    40 metal folding chairs
    Grand piano on stage
    Baby grand piano – normally located in the lobby
    3 manual 10 rank theatre pipe organ permanently installed in the auditorium
    Upright piano permanently installed in the auditorium and playable from the organ console
    Concession area is operated solely by MCTOS members
    Display areas available for an additional fee
    Box office uses the services of AudienceView for in-house ticket sales


    Staffing (by MCTOS members) is available for all areas of the theatre. At least one MCTOS member must be in the building during a rental.