New Member Next Steps

Follow the bottom of the new member’s application to pay with check, money order or cash. Then state on your application that you paid (e.g. $25 Jan-Mar, $20 Apr-Jun, $15 Jul-Sept and $10 Oct-Dec) plus any donation and ATOS membership. Also, the application must be signed and dated, then send it to Membership, Motor City Theatre Organ Society at 17360 Lahser Road, Detroit, MI 48219-2348.

Note: New ATOS membership is $50 on-line but there may be a $25 special. If you wish, you may go to and pay your dues on-line. If you do, please state in the checkout Order Comments section (bottom) that you are an MCTOS member. Also, state on the application that you paid on-line for ATOS but you don’t need to state how much you paid.

An alternative way to pay is go to MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD OR PAYPAL. If you want Redford Theatre to pay for your ATOS using credit card or PayPal method, then add an extra total to your payment of $50.