District Wars: Friv Game Preview

All sorts of Friv games are needed, all sorts of Friv games are important. This is exactly what, sooner or later, any Friv game journalist tries to think when he writes an article about another completely standard, unremarkable project. “Someone also likes these,” we think, gritting our teeth, tapping a thousand new symbols on the keyboard and trying to be objective. Fortunately, fewer and fewer of these products do make it to release: the publishers seem to have finally realized that you can't make huge profits out of triviality.

And yet, no, no, let the official website of some "brilliant" project, such as District Wars, appear on the Internet . A simple third-person shooter is not yet able to hook a potential fan with anything. The picture, plot, gameplay do not even arouse curiosity. But first things first.

So, the main character is a certain Tyrus Jones, the only surviving member of the Scorpion gang, which has been devoured by vile enemies. He doesn't give a damn about his own life (apparently, outside of crime, this genius does not represent himself), and therefore he dedicated it to revenge. He has nothing to lose, and Tyrus intends to put the entire city of New Valley on the ears. True, while he was recovering, power in the village passed to some mysterious group. The goals and means of its activities have yet to be clarified - in general, Mr. Jones will definitely have enough work for the near future.

As usual, almost the entire administration of the city was to blame for the aggravation of the criminal situation. Primordial gentlemen and crystal-clear police officers deal with drag dealers, pimps and inveterate gangsters. And this whole company turned against Tyrus, who, apparently, knows too much.

District Wars is the most common TPS genre. No frills: we walk around the city and clearly demonstrate to everyone who is in charge here. Those who disagree are subjected to universal extermination, those who agree... hmm, perhaps, too. The declared number of weapons is not impressive, and nothing is known about the physical model. The picture emerges rather dull, and the outdated video sequence only complements it.

It is likely that the developers have not yet laid out their main trump cards. Maybe when they do this, we will be shocked and have an uncontrollable desire to buy a disc with the Friv game. But so far District Wars is a deliberately and hopelessly failed project.