How to Make Glitter Christmas Ornaments in 2022

Crafts are a hobby that many people do not make time for. They can be an enormous stress reliever and allow you to indulge your creative side.
Making these sequin and bead Christmas ornaments is a fun craft to do during the holiday season.

Here are items that you will need to get started:

  • Styrofoam balls (these come in various sizes- choose any size)
  • straight pins (flat head regular straight pins available in the sewing department)
  • straight pins with pearl ends (these are typically longer than regular straight pins)
  • chunky glitter (you can buy these in a variety pack of multi-colors- do not buy the smallest ones available)
  • beads (plastic clear or colored small beads also come in variety packs or single color packs-choose clear or metallic)
  • craft glue (you want a glue that is going to dry clear)
  • Ribbon or trim (this will be used to hang your ball)

Tools you will need:

  • A large cookie sheet
  • An empty egg carton
  • A paper plate
  • Scissors

Step 1 - Use the egg carton to organize your supplies. Separate the beads, sequins and pins so you can easily access them as you create your ornament.

Step 2 - Spread some glue onto the paper plate. You will be dipping the pin into the glue before you stick it into the styrofoam ball.

Step 3 - Use the cookie sheet as a tray to catch sequins and beads that you may drop while making the ornament. This will also make it easier to spread out the color sequins that you want to use in your design.

Step 4 - Take the ribbon and measure around the ball leaving an extra 2 inches to use as a hanger.

Step 5 - Take a flathead pin, push it through the end of the ribbon and then dip it in the glue before sticking it into the ball. Repeat this with the other end of the ribbon.

Step 6 - Create a loop and use the flathead pins to secure the ribbon and create the loop for hanging.

Step 7 - Using a pearl ended pin, thread it with a bead and then a sequin. Dip the end of the pin in glue and secure it to the bottom of the ball. (the bottom is the end opposite of the loop you just created with the ribbon)

Step 8 - Using the flathead pins, thread it with a bead and then a sequin, dip it in the glue and place it close to the ribbon that is dividing the ball in half. Continue this process overlapping the sequins so that the styrofoam is hidden.

Step 9 - Continue the above process until you have the entire ball covered in sequins and beads. Don't forget to use the glue on every pin. Some lesser quality styrofoam will not hold the pins well and the glue will ensure that your pins do not slip out.

Step 10 - This is a simplified sequin and bead Christmas ornament. To make a more dazzling ornament, alternate using a pearl-ended pin or use multiple beads to make the ornament more 3 dimensional. You can create Christmas ornaments using only one color, multi-color or anything that you can imagine.

Craft stores have many different options for kinds of beads,sequins and pins. Remember that any bead you choose should not have too large of a hole or else it will not be able to stay on the pin. Also when "layering" beads and sequins, make sure that your pin is long enough to stay secure in the styrofoam.

Save whatever sequins and beads that you don't use by storing them in the egg carton for using another time. A bag of sequins can make a lot of Christmas ornaments. You might even decide to make this a holiday tradition.

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