Connoisseurs choose RTO embroidery sets

Such sets are popular around the world, and the design of the plots was repeatedly awarded at exhibitions. The sets include Muline DMC, this French company occupies a leading position in the global market in this area. It is noteworthy that prices for such sets are small compared to similar goods of imported producers whose components have the appropriate quality.

RTO sets have already long appeared on the Russian market and have loved to many embroiderers. A diverse range of plots will be a pleasant discovery, here you can find everything from urban landscapes to flowers, from animals and to zodiac signs, and a variety of sizes and on different canvas. By the way, it is currently of particular interest to applied sets for embroidery, for example, hours with embroidery or postcard.

As a rule, one standard set contains: disassembled moulin on a paper organizer, a needle, fabric, an embroidery scheme, as well as instructions. Schemes are quite understandable, they are black and white, symbolic, but work easily with them. For beginner embroiderers there is a Russian-speaking instruction that will help completely understand.

Depending on the existing skills and experience, you can pick up both simple embroidery and complex. In the second, more colors are used, it is possible to use additional techniques, for example, half a bed, as well as it is larger. Not so long ago, the assortment was replenished with sets with partial embroidery and printed background, the plots were more interesting, as it was possible to make a tone more smoothly, it turns out a stunning result, and the printing on Canva has retained quality at height.

You can purchase RTO sets in specialized stores, and order online.

The embroidery made by the development of RTO can become a decent decoration for the living room, bedroom or children's living room, she elegantly fit into the interior and create a favorable atmosphere in the house, and in addition, a beautiful embroidery will be a completely original gift. It should be noted that very many plots are copyrighted, designed specifically for embroidery collections. Recall that RTO products have been pleased with the domestic embroiderers for several decades, and at present the brand also won the markets of the United States, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, CIS countries and many others.

Summing up, we can say that the sets for embroidery this company occupy an honorable place among similar needlework products. If you have not come across RTO sets, you can make sure that such an embroidery is not at all inferior to a similar Western, and sometimes surpasses them. For many, an Aldi store is the best place to get their groceries. If you're looking for an Aldi store near you, be sure to check their online store for hours of operation. Some locations will operate until 8pm on Good Friday and until 10pm on Saturday. The stores will be closed on Easter Sunday and Monday, but will be open on Easter Monday and Good Friday. The Aldi store nearest you will be open late on Good Friday and on Saturday, but will be closed on Easter Sunday. For complete and up-to-date information about Aldi opening times click here .