Trapped & Niagara NOIR CITY Detroit Double Feature

Saturday, September 21 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets: $10.00

FNF 35mm Restoration!
1949, Eagle-Lion Films [FNF/UCLA]. 78 minutes
Screenplay by Earl Felton and George Zuckerman
Directed by Richard Fleischer

T-Men investigating a flood of phony $20s spring convicted counterfeiter Tris Stewart (Lloyd Bridges) from the joint to use as an undercover operative. But Tris is only stringing the Feds along until he makes a score and scoots to Mexico with his red-hot squeeze, Meg (Barbara Payton). The double- and triple-crosses come fast and furious as no one’s sure who’s a crook and who’s a copper. A hasty and hard-edged B from director Fleischer, with exceptional camerawork by DP Guy Roe. Rescued from oblivion by the Film Noir Foundation and UCLA Film & Television Archive.
Cast: Lloyd Bridges (Tris Stewart), Barbara Payton (Meg Dixon), John Hoyt (John Downey)

1953, 20th Century-Fox. 92 minutes
Screenplay by Charles Brackett, Walter Reisch, and Richard L. Breen
Directed by Henry Hathaway

Niagara Falls and Marilyn Monroe –– The Two Most Electrifying Sights in the World!” screamed the studio’s ads for this sexually-charged Technicolor noir. Monroe is a too-hot-to-handle wife who enflames her husband’s jealousy during a vacation at the famous Falls––with murderous results. Joseph Cotton, Jean Peters, and one of the world’s majestic natural wonders all play second fiddle to Marilyn, whose larger-than-life allure still leaps off the screen 66 years later.
Cast: Marilyn Monroe (Rose Loomis), Joseph Cotton (George Loomis), Jean Peters (Polly Cutler), Casey Adams [Max Showalter] (Ray Cutler), Denis O’Dea (Inspector Starkey), Richard Allan (Patrick), Lurene Tuttle (Mrs. Kettering), Don Wilson (Mr. Kettering), Russell Collins (Mr. Qua), Will Wright (boatman)

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