Old Heart — World Premiere

Saturday, May 14th at 7:00PM., and Sunday, May 15th at 4:00PM. Ticket prices: VIP Package: $75.00, and general tickets: $50.00-$25.00.


On the eve of his move into assisted living in 2007, American World War II Vet Tom Johnson, 85, disappears on a plane to Holland. He is searching for Sarah van Praag, the translator who helped him smuggle food across Nazi lines to Dutch citizens starving in the hunger winter of 1944/45. Unable to pin her down sixty years later, he turns to a lawyer who discovers that Johnson’s lover died of tuberculosis in 1949. Convinced she is still alive, Johnson relentlessly tries to track her down. As Johnson's desperate Detroit children try to find their missing father and initiate deportation proceedings, he struggles to uncover the true story of the Sarah van Praag he thought he knew.

This bittersweet love story has touched the hearts of readers everywhere. This wry and beautiful play shows how a man driven by love can add a surprising extra chapter to his life. Old Heart is an honest, unsentimental celebration of the power of love.

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