Noir City: Detroit 2022 Double Feature: In a Lonely Place and Southside 1-1000 hosted by Eddie Muller

Friday, September 23rd at 8:00PM Tickets: $10.00

In a Lonely Place. 1950, Columbia. 94 minutes. Director Nicholas Ray

Humphrey Bogart plays Dixon Steele, a cynical, violent-tempered Hollywood screenwriter headed toward has-been status, who becomes the prime suspect in the brutal murder of a young woman. When neighbor Laurel Gray (Gloria Grahame) becomes his unlikely alibi, an unusual romance begins. Says NOIR CITY producer and host Eddie Muller: “This is my favorite Hollywood film of all-time, period.”

Southside 1-1000. 1950, Allied Artists [Warner Bros.] 73 minutes. Director Boris Ingster

This slam-bang crime yarn from the King Brothers (producers of 1950’s Gun Crazy) is highlighted by shot-on-location scenes in downtown L.A., Hollywood, and San Quentin, crafted by much of the same team responsible for Gun Crazy, and directed by the man who made the influential Stranger on the Third Floor (1940). Don DeFore plays an undercover agent infiltrating a counterfeiting ring operated by sultry racket boss Andrea King.

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