Matinee Double Feature – “The Black Cat” & “The Mummy”

Saturday, October 19 at 2:00 PM. Tickets: $5.00

The Black Cat
Boris Karloff is featured in legendary Universal Studios horror films from the 1930s. In “The Black Cat,” he plays a cat-phobic Satan-worshiping high priest in an Art Deco inspired Hungarian castle reunited with arch enemy Bela Lugosi (in a rare heroic role). 1934 • Not Rated • 1 hour, 5 minutes • Digital

The Mummy
As the title character of Karl Freund’s “The Mummy,” Karloff seeks revenge on those that have desecrated his tomb in one of the most visually inspired films in the Universal series. 1932 • Not Rated • 1 hour, 13 minutes • Digital

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