A Tribute to Sir Graves Ghastly—Frankenstein

Saturday, October 15th at 2:00PM Tickets $5.00

Boris Karloff’s legendary performance as the monster highlights James Whales’ original 1931 film version of Mary Shelley’s horror tale. Featuring Colin Clive as the doctor and Dwight Frye as his hunchbacked assistant, this is the movie that helped launch the Universal Horror series of films.

As a tribute to Detroit TV horror movie host Sir Graves Ghastly, the film will screen very much like an old Saturday afternoon Sir Graves episode, with rare archival segments from the show peppered in. Plus hot dogs (frankenfurters!) at the concession stand.

This weekend's tribute is presented through a generous endowment by the sons of Lawson Deming (Sir Graves).

1931 | Unrated | 1 hour and 11 minutes

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