Saturday, July 20 at 4:00 pm. Tickets: $20 General Admission, $40 Special Preferred Seating

Ballet Edge Detroit, founded in 2017 by Angel Lavery and Erica Briganti, is metro-Detroit's newest ballet company. Under the artistic leadership of Angel Lavery, the company offers a unique style of dance, which blends classical ballet with a modern flare to create an unforgettable, visceral experience.

Their popular pieces are performed to widely-recognized music such as the Game of Thrones soundtrack, Assassin's Tango, and Smooth Criminal.

The company is made up of ten women from vastly different walks of life. Their shared passion for dance is only part of who they are: they are students, teachers, mothers, and young professionals. Yet they have joined together to contribute toward Detroit’s resurgence and comeback!

Ballet Edge Detroit has performed at many of the city's most iconic attractions and events, including the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Design Ball, Motor City Choreography, and Audi Birmingham. They have also produced three shows of their own: Ovation, Heat, and Holiday Cheer.

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