CANCELLED – Attack of the Monsters

CANCELLED - Sunday, November 25 at 2:00 PM. Tickets: $10.00

We have received word from The Ghoul's team that Ron (The Ghoul) has some health issues that will take a little longer than expected for his recovery.

The November 25 rescheduled event has been cancelled and all refunds will be issued over the next week.

We know that everyone joins the Redford Theatre in wishing him the best.

We will work with him to reschedule his appearance to the Redford Theatre after the first of the year.

MCTOS/The Redford Theatre

Attack of the Monsters was the fifth of the Gamera films. Two young boys board a flying saucer and are whisked to a planet on the far side of the sun, opposite of the Earth. When they land, they are taken by two female aliens who plan on eating their brains. Help arrives for the boys in the form of Gamera, their favorite monster, who battles the alien’s monster Guiron in order to rescue the boys and prevent the aliens from invading the Earth. 1969, not rated, digital.

The Ghoul will be LIVE on stage to host this movie.

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