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1949, MGM [Warner Bros.]. 81 min.
Scr. Robert Richards, from a story by Collier Young
Dir. Fred Zinnemann
A dark masterpiece made during the MGM tenure of producer Dore Schary, this is emblematic film noir: psychically scarred Robert Ryan stalks war hero Van Heflin from sylvan Big Bear Lake to the nocturnal underbelly of postwar downtown L.A., his mission of vengeance sparked by bitter memories of the war. Robert Surtees’ stunning cinematography captures the dark side of the postwar boom, as well as superb performances from the entire cast, including a jaw-droppingly gorgeous 20-year-old Janet Leigh and a revelatory Mary Astor as a blowsy, street-wise hooker. Zinnemann’s only foray into film noir is one of the best of the classic era.

1956, MGM [Park Circus]. 85 min.
Scr. Stanley Kubrick and Jim Thompson, from a novel by Lionel White
Dir. Stanley Kubrick
If you haven’t seen it, you’ve been missing perhaps the greatest caper film of all time. Johnny Clay (Sterling Hayden) has a cunning plan to swipe a million dollars from a bustling racetrack in broad daylight, using only a simple diversion provided by a crew of hardboiled misfits working in perfect unison. Of course, when said crew contains Elisha Cook Jr., Jay C. Flippen, Ted de Corsia and king-hell nutcase Timothy Carey, things aren’t likely to go as planned … and when Marie Windsor is involved, you know it’s going to get very, very noir. Kubrick’s

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